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What are the advantages of owning property in a SMSF (Self Managed Super Fund)?

SMSF Property Investment

“Most people who rely on their employer contributed superannuation will be disappointed at retirement...”

What property can I borrow against for my SMSF?

The property must be within strict guidelines to ensure that it meets a high quality investment standard.

Our financial planners work with experienced property specialists to ensure that the property you purchase meets all the necessary criteria.

What are my options when I retire?

This depends on your personal circumstances. At retirement, you will be able to either:

  • sell the property (liquidating the asset) or
  • keep the property and continue to draw the rental income.

Can NRAS be used to invest in property for a SMSF?

Yes. The property has to meet the normal criterion for property investment in an SMSF, and the tax benefits must be retained in the SMSF

(Self Managed Super Fund)

The changes that came into effect in 2007 allowed for the establishment of Self-managed super funds (SMSFs).

These SMSF funds offer a way to increase wealth and minimise taxation through a wide range of investment options.

Reasons to commence an SMSF may include:

  • need to control investment decisions
  • breadth of investment choice
  • desire for investment transparency, and
  • need for control or flexibility.

However SMSFs can be challenging to operate in an increasingly complex compliance environment and can take a great deal of time and resources (accountant, solicitor, broker, etc) to administer - this is where Globe Asset Planning can help.

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